Monday, 18 March 2013

Shave and a Hair Cut

Two Bits

Dropped off my wife at work this morning and on the drive home caught a glimpse of my hair in the rear view mirror.

It must be the end of winter, because it's looking pretty shaggy.


Here's the thing about my hair.  I do a ton of public events in the Spring, Fall and Summer, so I keep it in check.  Get it trimmed every 4 or 5 weeks.  But in the winter time, my radio shows are where I spend a lot of my time.  I'm in studios more than anywhere else, so I kinda just let it go.

But then a sunny spring day like today comes along, and you realize that you have to go and tidy up.

Time to get a haircut.

That's 50s Barbershop!

I've been Tweeting with Dave of That 50's Barbershop quite a bit lately.  Guy has a got a great sense of humor; we even shared in a zombie haircut apocalypse joke a couple weeks back.   So, where I'm going today is no question.

It's a beautiful day out so I'm going to walk.  It's been a while since I've seen downtown on foot, so it'll be nice to reconnect with that part of the city.

Let's go!

Caledonia Field

The field is looking good!  I wonder if the VI Raiders can win it all this year? 

You know they'll tear it up in the regular season either way.

Best Train Track Crossing Spot in the City.

I come this way as often as I can because it's the most classic looking spot to cross the tracks in Nanaimo.  When Spring really gets here and everything is green, it's majestic.

Metal Foot Bridge near Barsby Park

Always worth stopping and looking over the edge of the bridge for a second.  The water is particularly impressive when it's been raining a lot.  

Barsby Park

I would classify Barsby Park as a hidden gem.  People know about it, but not many people visit it.

It's worth stopping by once in a while, just wear sensible walking shoes.  It can be slippery in places, even near the entrance.

This staircase intersection is an impressive piece of craftsmanship.

And you get a spectacular river view, too.

I love the bramble archway someone made.  It's been here forever.
Really is something, isn't it?

Here's 10 seconds of it in motion.

Alright, that's enough lolly-gagging!  Places to be!  Hairs to cut!

Huff huff, steeper leaving than it was walking in.

Skate Boarding

I've been playing a skate boarding video game lately.

All I can think of when I see this is how many points I could get by grinding that rail.

At least 10,000 points, I would think. 

Maffeo Sutton Park

One of the best destinations in the entire city.  I love how it's put together, making it a great multi-use space. I can't wait until all the summer events start popping up here again this year.

The Cannons (well, where they normally are)

Once we get back into tourist season you'll be hearing those cannons go off all the time.  Try to imagine them... or better yet, go watch a noon firing this year.  There's even bagpipes!

I Made It!

Ah, I can see it in my mind already.  Down Commercial Street, across Terminal Avenue, and the a left on Victoria Crescent, right beside Mambo's Pizza.

"Gonna get a hair cut, gonna be great, gonna get this hair right off of my face!"


What's that?

You've gotta be kidding me.


Guess I should have called ahead and found out their hours.

Can I really do a two part blog about a hair cut?

Sure looks that way.

The exciting conclusion tomorrow!

But Wait There's More!

I stopped off and got some water, and at the till they had one of those new Kinder Eggs For Girls.

Melissa and I saw them on TV and I promised her that the next time I saw one I'd pick it up.

I hear that some people aren't too happy with the whole "toys for boys, toys for girls" distinction being made here, so Melissa and I are going to open it up and see what a "toy for a girl" looks like according to Kinder.

Should be fun!  So check back in for that tomorrow, too.

Update March 19, 2013

Saw Dave at That 50's Barbershop today, got an awesome haircut and now I feel like a new man!

Thanks, Dave!

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