Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rock the Shores 2013

Makes My Canadian Smile

The Sheepdogs

It's hard to resist the line up of artists the organizers of Rock the Shores have put together this year.

Simply by looking at the 6 biggest names over the two day event you can tell that they get it. 

Matt Good

They get what the average western Canadian music fan wants and put it together for a ticket price that costs less than when Bon Jovi rolls through Vancouver. 

90 bucks to see Weezer, Sam Roberts Band and the Sheepdogs would be a great ticket...


...but add Matthew Good, Mother Mother, Awolnation, Jimmy Eat World, 54-40 and more to the bill.

You can bet that this is a ticket that'll go fast.

Jimmy Eat World

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 22nd, at 10am, and you can find out all you need to know about tickets over at

I'll be back tomorrow with a full post on one of the bands you'll hear on Fresh Tracks this Sunday at 6!

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