Thursday, 14 March 2013


A la Mode

It's March 14th today, also known as Pi Day.

It's a math thing, I think, 3.14 and all that, but it also reminds us of the delicious food that tends to take a backseat to cake.

No one ever blows out the candles on their birthday pie, and we don't gather around the office to cut the pie whenever someone hits a milestone.

That's a shame.

So today I'm counting down the Top 5 Pies!  Here we go!

5. Cherry Pie

4.  Blueberry Pie

3. Strawberry Pie

2. Pumpkin Pie

1. Apple Pie

Phew, I'm stuffed.  And I didn't even include any of the meat pies that I could have put on this list!

Which pie is your favourite?

Happy Pi Day!

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