Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother Mother Mayhem?

They say it started with a big bang.

Mother Mother aren't really known for being a trouble making band, but lately they've been seeing an awful lot of the police.

It makes me wonder just what it is that they're up to.

The first incident came on March 2nd when an unmarked police van pulled them over in a Tim Horton's parking lot.

I'll have a double double, a chocolate glazed and one Canadian rock band to go, please.

Of course there are plenty of jokes that can be made here.  Did you hear the one about the police officer that pulled over a Canadian rock band at Tim Horton's? They were doing donuts in the parking lot.

The band has declined to comment as to exactly why the police pulled them over, but many believe that they may have been trying to smuggle baked goods into the US.


Now, if this was the only incident, I'd probably think nothing of it.

But, it happened again today.  Literally less than an hour before I started writing this the photo below was posted on Mother Mother's Facebook page (with a stylish Instagram finish, I might add).

Officer, what would you say if I told you you'd look pretty as a watercolor?

Some say that the officer simply wanted the band's autograph.

I say, Mother Mother are up to something.

I don't know what it is, but obviously the police got a look at the band and thought to themselves, "Those punk kids are up to no good."

And who am I to argue with the long arm of the law?

In all seriousness, I bet it's a driver with a lead foot driving through parts of the country they don't usually visit and getting caught up in speed traps that most locals manage to avoid.

As long as their string of speeding tickets doesn't lead to an increase in ticket prices, I think it'll be okay.

In other Mother Mother news, it looks like Infinitesimal will be the group's next single.

They put out a press release for it this week that included a link to the dictionary definition for the single, just in case you needed help pronouncing or defining the title of the song. 

They've already had two hits off of their new album The Sticks, and I would say that Infinitesimal is a strong contender for the third.

You can follow Mother Mother on Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully they won't receive any more police visits on their tour.

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