Friday, 22 March 2013

Beer and Organized Crime

Working Class/Weapon Rock

We've got a few emerging artists being featured on Fresh Tracks this weekend, so I'm going to take a moment here and tell you about 2 bands you can catch on the show this Sunday at 6!

The Stanfields

The Stanfields are an eastern Canadian group that describe themselves as a "working class band and proud of it".  A band that is known for the raucous live show and pride themselves on delivering a great performance every night.

They've been together since 2008, and even won an East Coast Music Award in 2012...

...but it was only recently that they have really started getting attention nationwide with the release of their new album "Death & Taxes".

While the group describes their first album "Vanguard" as being a bit all over the place, they say that Death & Taxes really focuses on their rock influences.

The albums lead single, Run on the Banks, is about organized crime and the impact that it can have on families.  It's been getting some airplay right across the country too, enough for them to take on a cross-Canada tour playing a couple of stops in each province.

They came through Nanaimo on tour with Gloryhound playing a show at the Cambie last October and
they'll be back in B.C. again for shows in Vancouver at Venue on March 28th, and in Victoria at Club 919 on March 29th.  There are still some tickets for both shows, and I would definitely recommend checking them out.


Wildlife are a 4 piece group out of Ontario that define their sound as "weapon rock" and describe their band as "fun" with lots of "pop pop pop".

Wildlife are a band with a lot going on all at once.  They had an appearance at SXSW in Texas this year, they just finished up their new album On The Heart which is in stores now, and have even had one of their songs, Lightning Tent, featured in a Corona commercial.

It'll be their latest single, Born To Ruin, on Fresh Tracks this Sunday.

It's got a pretty cool video to go along with it, too.

They're planning a cross-Canada tour this year, so watch for them to come out this way sometime in 2013. 

These two and four other great bands on Fresh Tracks this Sunday at 6 with Mike Lang.

Be sure to tune in at

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